Course ILO’s

  • Analyze the present status of the poultry and swine industry in Sri Lanka
  •  Identify different breeds of poultry and swine
  • Describe incubation and hatchery management practices in Poultry
  •   Describe feeding and other management practices of poultry (broilers and layers) and swine in different age groups
  • Identify common disease affecting poultry birds and swine
  • Suggest preventive and control measures for those diseases

Course content 

  1. Introduction and poultry breeds
  2. Selection of eggs for incubation and Incubation of eggs 
  3. Brooding of chicks
  4. Management of growers
  5. Management of layers and breeders
  6. Culling of poultry
  7. Management of broilers
  8. Housing and equipment & Feeds and feeding
  9. Common diseases and prevention
  10. Swine breeds
  11. Planning, housing and feeding & systems of rearing
  12. Management of piglings, fatterners, sows and boars
  13. Herd composition
  14. Waste management of swine
  15. Common disease and prevention