This course has developed for 2 year 1 semester students. In this course I wish to teach theoretical aspects of vegetable (local, exotic, leafy) production; Vegetable seed production and improvement; Practical aspects of crop production: varieties, nursery techniques, land preparation, crop establishment, crop management and harvesting of rice, other cereals, pulses, oil crops, root & tuber crops, condiments and vegetables, pest and disease management.

After successful completion of the total number of study and practical hours, students will be able to:

ü  To define main agronomic and management aspects in ration to field and vegetable crops in dry zone

ü  To manage a crop from establishment to harvesting and marketing them

ü  To estimate production costs and profits of self-managed crops

ü  To compare scientific crop management and farmers management techniques

ü  To develop capabilities of managing crops in any environment