Course ILO’s


  1. Evaluate the role and present status of aquaculture production in the world and in Sri Lanka

  2. Identify common fish species cultured in Sri Lanka

  3. Understand the existing fish production systems

  4. Explain the principles of aquaculture on food fish production

  5. Describe the sustainable aquaculture practices

Course content

      Role of aquaculture and its present status in Sri Lanka

      Classification of fish; Morphometric characters of fish

      Identification of common fish species in Sri Lanka

      Introduction to fish production systems, pond fish culture, reservoir fisheries, brackish water culture, marine fisheries, ornamental fisheries and aquatic plants

      Fish breeding techniques

      Feeds and feeding

      Fishing gears and methods, water quality parameters in aquaculture

      Integrated fish production with livestock and crops

Evaluation procedure

       End Term Examination : 70%  

        Continuous assessment : 30 %