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12 March 2021

Mindspark is an English e – magazine which is intended to be published by the Department of English Language Teaching, Faculty of Agriculture bi-annually with an e-ISSN so as to improve the students’ writing skills in English. The first issue of the e- Magazine will be published in May 2021 and all the students and the academic staff of the faculty are given the opportunity to publish their writings in the e-Magazine. The closing date for write-ups is the 12th March 2021.  For further information, please find the guidelines and the e-flyer below.

Guidelines for the e - English Journal

Contributors can greatly help the editorial process by setting up their manuscript in accordance with the following guidelines.

1. The maximum number of creative works that one writer can present per issue is 02.

2. Only poems, short stories, articles, essays, short reports and book/film reviews are accepted.

3. Use A4 paper size.

4. Leave 1 inch at each margin.

5. Use 1.5 line spacing, even for quotations and notes.

6. Do not indent the beginning of each paragraph.

7. Use Times New Roman font type and 12 font size.

8. Italicize book titles.

9. Enclose the titles of poems, short stories, articles etc. in single inverted commas.

10. Use standard capitalization for the titles of creative works and bold them.

11. The author's name and the academic affiliation should be centrally placed below the title of

creative work and italicized.

12. Use MLA format for citations and references.

13. When footnotes are necessary, make them as brief as possible and place them at the end of the


14. Page limit for;

  • Poems – 02 pages
  • Short stories – 03 pages
  • Articles – 02 pages
  • Essays – 02 pages
  • Reviews – 03 pages
  • Short reports – 02 pages

15. The literary work should be highly authentic and plagiarism would not be tolerated

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