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Farm - Faculty of Agriculture  
Rajarata University of Sri Lanka
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Farm - Faculty of Agriculture

Courses & Activities

The Faculty of Agriculture, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka offers a farm practise course which is Field and Vegetable Crop Management− PS 3101 for the undergraduates in Year III Semester I. The department of Plant Sciences offers and conducts this course of 6 credits and the faculty farm is the main area to conduct the practicals and the farm related trainings which is located in Bandarapuliyankulama

Farm Practice Course

Practical aspects of field crop management (Rice, other cereials, pulses, fibre crops, oil crops, condiments and root and tuber crops)
Climatic requirements of local and exotic vegetables
Crop selection
Nursary management
Crop maturity and maturity indices
Yield and yield components
Vegetable based cropping systems
Crop improvement and vegetable seed production in Sri Lanka
Practical aspects of principles of arrigation & soil management −conducted by Dept. of soil and water resource management.