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Practical Handout- Terminology Terminology 1.pdf
ES1102 - Practical Handout ES 1102 Prac. Handouts.pdf
ES1201(Introductory Soil Science) - Laboratory Manual Laboratory manual ES 1201 - Introductory Soil Science.pdf
Teaching Materials - ES4101 Teaching materials_ii.pdf
ES2202 (Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition) - Laboratory Manual Laboratory manual ES 2202 Soil Fertility & Plant Nutrition.pdf
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Teaching materials ES 1103 Teaching materials ES 1103.pdf
Teaching materials ES 2102 Teaching materials ES 2102.pdf
Teaching materials ES 3205 Teaching materials ES 3205.pdf
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AF1201- The Mammary System 4_Lactation_AMJB Adikari.pdf
Glossary for Animal Science subjects Glossary for Animal Science subjects.pdf
AF1101-Introduction 1_Introduction_AMJB Adikari.pdf
AF1101-Farm Animal Breeds 2_Farm Animal Breeds_AMJB Adikari.pdf
AF1101-Farm Animal Health Management 03_Major Diseases, Outbreaks and Prevention of Diseases_AMJB Adikari.pdf
AF1101-Livestock Production Systems 05_Livestock Production Systems_AMJB Adikari.pdf
AF1101-Techniques and Equipment in Animal Production 06_Techniques and Equipments in Animal Production and Health_AMJB Adikari.pdf
AF1201-Cells and Tissues 1_Cells and tissues_AMJB Adikari.pdf
Digestive System of Poultry and Rabbit 2_Digestive system of poultry and Rabbit_AMJB Adikari.pdf
AF1201- Introduction AF1201_Introduction_AMJB Adikari.pdf
AF1201- Digestive System_part I 2_Digestive system. part 1_AMJB Adikari.pdf
AF1201- Digestive Systems_Part II 2_Digestive system part 2_AMJB Adikari.pdf
AF1201- Reproductive System_Male 3_Repro System_Male_AMJB Adikari.pdf
AF1201- Reporoductive System_Female 3_Repro System_Female_AMJB Adikari.pdf
AF1201-Avian Reproduction 3_Repro System_Avian_AMJB Adikari.pdf
Digestive System of Poultry and Rabbit-AF1201 2_Digestive system of poultry and Rabbit_AMJB Adikari1.pdf
AF1201-Endocrine System_Part I Endocrine Part 1_AMJB Adikari.pdf
AF1201-Endocrine System_Part II Endocrine Part 2_AMJB Adikari.pdf
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Glossary of Botanical Terms glossaryofbotanicalterms.pdf
Glossary for Phytopathology glossary for phytopathology.pdf
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Prepositions Prepositions.pdf