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Department of Plant Sciences   Faculty of Agriculture
Rajarata University of Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka.

P: +94 25 222 1611
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Department of Plant Sciences


Year I Semester I PS1101 (2/20:20) Principles of Agronomy
PS1102 (2/15:30) Plant Systematics
PS1103 (2/20:20) Principles of Plant Physiology
Year I Semester II PS1201 (2/15:30) Principles of Horticulture
PS1202 (2/20:20) Principles of Entomology
Year II Semester I PS2101 (3/40:10) Field Crop Production
PS2102 (5/15:180) Crop Production and Management Technologies
PS2103 (2/25:10) Genetics and Breeding
Year II Semester II PS2201 (2/25:10) Plantation Crop Production I
PS2202 (2/25:10) Principles of Forestry
PS2203 (3/35:20) Agricultural microbiology and Phytopathology
Year III Semester I PS3101 (2/35:10) Plantation Crop Production II
PS3102 (2/15:30) Pomology
PS3103 (2/25:10) Pest and Disease Management
Year III Semester II PS3201 (2/25:10) Rice Technology
PS3202 (2/25:10) Plantation Crop Technology I
PS3203 (2/15:30) Floriculture
PS3204 (2/15:30) Controlled Environment Agriculture
PS3205 (2/25:10) Plantation Forest Management
PS3206 (2/25:10) Organic Crop Production
PS3207 (2/25:10) Bio-energy Crops
PS3208 (2/25:10) Medicinal Plants
PS3209 (2/25:10) Weed Science
PS3210 (2/20:20) Cottage Farming Enterprises
PS3211 (3/30:30) Biotechnology and Molecular Techniques
PS3212 (3/30:30) Biotechnology and Molecular Techniques
PS3213 (2/20:20) Plant Tissue Culture
PS3214 (2/25:10) Advanced Phytopathology
PS3215 (2/25:10) Plant BreedingTechniques
PS3216 (2/25:10) Crop Physiology
PS3217 (2/25:10) Germplasm Conservation
PS3218 (1/00:30) Plant Science Colloquium
Year IV Semester I PS4101 (2/30:00) Advanced Field Crop Production
PS4102 (2/25:10) Plantation Crop Techology II
PS4103 (2/15:30) Landscape Horticulture
PS4104 (2/20:20) Forest Conservation
PS4105 (2/30:00) Climate Change and Crop Production
PS4106 (2/25:10) Agro-ecology
PS4107 (3/30:30) Integrated Pest management(IPM)
PS4108 (2/25:10) Applied Microbiology
PS4109 (2/15:30) Clinical Plant Pathology
PS4110 (2/15:30) Stored-Product Entomology