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Department of Agricultural Systems Faculty of Agriculture
Rajarata University of Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka.

P: +94 25 223 5102
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Department of Agricultural Systems


Year I Semester I AS1101(1/10:10) Agriculture and Development
AS1102(2/20:20) Basic Mathematics
Year I Semester II AS1201 (2/15:30) Principles of Agricultural Extension
AS1202 (2/20:20) Microeconomics
AS1203 (1/10:10) Agricultural Marketing
Year II Semester I AS2101 (2/25:10) Management Theory and Practice
Year II Semester II AS2201 (2/20:20) Basic Stasistics
AS2202 (2/20:20) Introduction to Farmingd Systems
AS2203 (2/25:10) Macroeconomics
Year III Semester I AS3101 (2/20:20) Economics of Farm Production and Management
AS3102 (2/15:30) Developmental Extension and Agricultural Institutions
AS3103 (2/25:10) Experimental Methods in Agricultural Research
Year III Semester II AS3201 (2/20:20) Extension Education
AS3202 (2/15:30) Agricultural Project Management
AS3203 (2/25:10) Rural Sociology
AS3204 (3/40:10) Econometrics
AS3205 (3/30:30) NAtural Resource Economics
AS3206 (2/25:10) Agricultural Development and Policy
AS3207 (2/25:10) International Trade
AS3208 (2/25:10) Risk Management in Agriculture
AS3209 (2/20:20) Sustainable Agriculture
AS3210 (2/25:10) Traditional Technology in Sri Lankan Agriculture
AS3211 (2/25:10) Livestock Production Systems
AS3212 (2/20:20) Conservation Agriculture
Year IV Semester I AS4101(2/25:10) Entrepreneurship, Agribusiness and Value Chain Development
AS4102 (2/25:10) Human Resources Management
AS4103 (3/30:30) Rural Development and Development Communication
AS4104 (2/25:10) Agro-forestry Systems Management
AS4105 (2/20:20) Household Food Security Systems
AS4106 (2/15:30) Agro-ecotourism