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14 September 2023

Call for Expression of Interests

A Resource Person for IOT-Development



A team of researchers at Department of Plant Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka has secured funding for ‘Design, fabrication, and testing of an IOT-based one-stop

plant and environment monitoring station’ and ‘Design, fabrication and testing of an industrial grade soil moisture sensor and data logging system’. Expression of Interests are called from suitably qualified individuals or companies to undertake as per this advertisement and term of refences.



The web hardware system that would be developed through project has following scope.

  1. Programme 17 ESP-32 development boards as per the technical instructions given by the research team.
  2. Assemble power supply and all circuit components including 48 soil moisture sensors, 01 RH/temperature sensors, 01 thermocouple, 13 IR temperature sensors, and 01 light sensors to the above boards.
  3. Develop a web system as per the instructions are requirements based on technical instructions given by the research team.


All the materials required will be provided by the research team. Workmanship of all fabrications should be to high standards of quality.


Project Period and Payment


The maximum duration for completing this project is 01 month till 15 Oct. 2023. No part payments will be made available. The amount of the final invoice should be submitted the Director, Operational Technical Secretariat, AHEAD Office, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka, Mihintale on or before 15 Oct. 2023.


Warranty Period


The bidders should provide an all-inclusive software and service warranty for a minimum of two years period after handing over the project.


Submission of EOIs


Interested individuals or companies should forward their expression of interests and financial proposal via email (saoaheadrusl@gmail.com) addressed to The Director, Operational Technical Secretariat, AHEAD Office, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka, Mihintale on or before 14 September 2023.



The Director OTS

Date: 8 September 2023




A Resource Person for IOT-Development

Department of Plant Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka



Aims of this project are (1) to create an industrial-grade soil moisture sensor and data logging system that surpasses existing solutions in terms of accuracy, reliability, scalability, and cost-effectiveness and (2) to create IOT-based one-stop plant and environment monitoring station for commercial applications in environmental and plant monitoring.




Testing of the IR temperature sensors and soil moisture sensors will be carried out at Rajarata University Controlled Environment Facility (RuCeF), Faculty of Agriculture, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka, Puliyankulama, Anuradhapura.




  1. Environmental monitoring station


  • This station should be developed in order monitoring following parameters at 10 minutes interval
    1. Atmospheric temperature
    2. Atmospheric humidity
    3. Soil temperature
    4. Soil moisture
    5. Leaf temperature
    6. Light intensity
  • The 12 IR sensors should be extensively tested by making three separate testing modules. They will be tested inside RuCeF under varying environmental conditions and testing iterations.
  • The soil moisture sensor developed in this project should be utilized here for the environmental monitoring station.


  1. Soil moisture sensors
  • Research team will make the soil moisture sensors with varying testing iterations such as different cable lengths, types of housing, and materials used.
  • The resource person should assemble soil moisture modules and development boards with required electrical and electronic components as per the instructions of the research team.
  1. Web system


  • Environment monitoring station should contain a sperate web system for configuring the settings, for viewing and downloading data
  • The testing prototypes for the soil moisture sensors and IR temperature sensors should be configured as Version 2.0 of the exiting Climate Monitoring and Greenhouse Automation System (Version 1.0) of the RuCeF.
  • Dashboard should include;
    • Readings from individual sensors, their averages (where applicable) including real-time graphical illustrations
    • Operation settings
    • Status of equipment
  • Settings
    • Being able to name the devices with a ID (serial number) and model
    • Add this device ID during first use
    • Allow multiple users for the same device through separate secure logins
    • Delete the device and re-add
    • Contact technical support option.
  • Download files
    • Filtering options by dates
    • Download CSV




  • In case of power failure, all environment control units should turn on automatically after turning on the electricity generator or return of power to the main grid. In such a situation, the last set configuration should automatically resume.
  • Data should be securely stored in a reliable data server. The web system should not be openly available for public viewing.
  • Installations should be properly labeled, housed in industrial housing.
  • Abnormal readings should be self-diagnosed and rectified before implementing system controls and data logging.
  • All the sensors should be tested before soldering to their maximum and minimum readings of temperature and relative humidity.
  • The bidders should provide at least two-year free service and warranty for software components.
  • Proof of experience for conducting similar or allied works should be submitted together with the proposals.





  • To arrange site visits and obtain any clarifications, bidders may consult with the Project Coordinator, Dr. Nalaka Geekiyanage, Faculty of Agriculture, Rajarata University of SL (P: +94 252 22 16 11M: +94714 66 00 48F: +94 252 22 16 11, E: nalaka.geekiyanage@agri.rjt.ac.lk)



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Call for Expression of Interests A Resource Person for IOT-Development